July 27, 2016

Fulufjället NP and Röros, Norway

Few weeks back we were off on mini pre-vacation holiday :) Which actually starts today and early tomorrow morning we are flying down to our summer house in Croatia
Anyway, back to the mini holiday -
The weekend started with a long drive up to Mörkret, a small village near Fulufjället National Park. We were staying there for one night as to see Sweden's highest waterfall (Njupeskär 125m fall)
which was just a rather easy few km walk even though we arrived rather late.
Following morning we continued our journey towards Funäsfjällen where we would be staying for three  nights but why take the shortest way? We took a detour through Norway and stopped in a copper mining town Röros what stopped mining 1977 but made it on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Will be taking few lenses with me to Croatia so you have some more pics to look forward to later on :))








July 21, 2016

Ulvön, high coast

The second day during our visit at Höga Kusten we visited island Ulvön. The island is situated in Örnsköldsvik archipelago, in the heart of the Höga Kusten (High Coast). Actually Ulvön is two islands - North and South Ulvön. Ulvö-harbour is located on the north island, well protected in Ulvösundet.

Ulvön is perhaps best known for surströmming (fermented herring), produced on the island for over a hundred years.
During winter months only about 40 people live on Ulvön, but during the summers it comes to life, with many tourists and summer house owners.

Trysunda hamn

July 17, 2016

High Coast Skuleskogens nationalpark

We spent midsummer weekend visiting my father who was staying at a camping near Skuleberget. Was a perfect match as we have for a while talked about hiking and explore the area.
During the midsummer eve we were off to Skuleskogen National Park which was established in 1984 and covers 3062 hectares. We entered the parkfrom south, since we wanted to walk through Slåttdalsskrevan, Tärnättvattnen and then a walk back along the sea. A round trip of about 12km, 4hours with all photo breaks and view gazing :)
There are two other entrees; west and north, and they are of course more suitable depending on what you want to see. You can find anything from old pine forests, amazing views of sea and lakes, high mountains and valleys. As this part has rather rapidly emerged from the sea there are more intriguing geological phenomena here than anywhere else in Sweden.

June 22, 2016

Weekend in Copenhagen

We kicked off June and the summer with a long weekend in Copenhagen. The weekend started with an rather early flight on a Friday, 6 in the morning, but after leaving our luggage at the hotel we rented bikes that many of our friends recommended and set off with the whole day in front of us to explore. 
Actually this was the first time we rented bikes in a large city and for Copenhagen it was perfect! The whole city is adapted for it, lots of bike paths and plenty of space in the traffic. Another important thing, the drivers were careful.
After three day there we had probably seen most of the 'tourist' parts. Our favourite places were along the harbour with all the nice places to spend days just watching time pass by, especially Christianshavn with its relaxing and energizing atmosphere. Not to forget all the parks that are amazing and plenty.
Another thing of importance to us is the food :) which was great. Sea food and of course I finally got to try out open-faced sandwiches (smörrebröd) which were a work of art. Recommend strongly restaurants Aamanns and Musling.

Copenhagen is for sure one of the best cities in Europe.

June 12, 2016

Graffiti festival

In the beginning of May, a graffiti festival 'Spring Remake' was held close to where I live. The area is a small industrial site and since 2014 it has been a legal place for graffiti and occasional rave party.
It is great to have that kind of place for artists do their magic :)
Don't appreciate when there is graffiti or tags in places where it's not supposted to be.
Back to the festival, this year it was around 100 artist from all over the world transforming the walls, and around 10 000 people was there to see it this year (its growing each year!). There was not only graffiti but foodtrucks and music in the evenings, so its worth to go there and see it all.
I was there just before they opened in the mornings, that's why there is few people in the pics :))


May 28, 2016

Mute swan (Knölsvan)

This sequence of mating mute swan is from the same weekend that I shot the whooper swan earlier this spring. I have seen it before but never managed to capture it on the camera, pure luck this time too.
It looks pretty brutal - the male bites the females neck and pushes her head below the water. It's all over rather fast though, max 10sec.

Sorry for not being so active here, but it has not been time or unfortunately motivation for it.
Doing my best to get back in the saddle

Take Care